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Pana-Pacific and Advantage PressurePro Announce Strategic Distribution Partnership

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Leaders in Distribution and TPMS Unite to Bring Tire Pressure Monitoring to Commercial Vehicle Markets

Harrisonville, MO & Fresno, CA: September 9, 2009 – Advantage PressurePro, LLC, a worldwide leader in Tire Pressure Monitoring Technologies, and Pana-Pacific, a division of The Brix Group, Inc., a leading distributor and engineering partner to the Commercial Vehicle (CV) market, are pleased to announce to the public their newly inked distribution partnership. Under the new agreement, Pana-Pacific not only will become PressurePro’s newest distribution house, they become a development partner with years of experience within the CV market.

“Pana-Pacific has been working with and leading distribution to the CV market for over 35 years,” stated Phillip Zaroor, President and CEO of PressurePro. “During these years, they’ve proven themselves again and again as an authority in the distribution of high quality products while maintaining a reputation and market reach that is unsurpassed. We are thrilled to work with Pana-Pacific and have the opportunity to expand TPMS into Pana-Pacific’s world-class product offerings.”

Pana-Pacific has a long history of being the go-to distribution house for heavy-duty truck manufacturers to provide world-class products for their vehicles that live up to the standards required by users of their vehicles. Similarly, PressurePro remains a noted pioneer of TPMS technology, known for providing reliable, durable, accurate TPMS products.

“We are excited about working with PressurePro. They have certainly made quite a name for themselves in tire pressure monitoring technology,” stated John Trenberth, President of Pana-Pacific. “Pana-Pacific plans to promote these products in the heavy-duty trucking, RV, agriculture, school bus, fire, police and ambulance markets. We are confident that this partnership will prove fruitful as we explore cutting-edge ways to deliver this break-through technology to markets where safety is top priority.”


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New Haas GPS Tracker Boasts Integrated TPMS Solution

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Newest Haas GPS Tracker brings users top-of-the-line Tire Pressure Monitoring along with tracking services.

Harrisonville, MO and Culver City, CA: September 4, 2009: Advantage PressurePro™, LLC and Haas GPS today announced to the market their integrated TPMS/Tracking solution. The new H1440 unit contains advanced technology from both companies. Haas GPS is a leading manufacturer of GPS tracking hardware and provider of GPS tracking services and PressurePro is a worldwide leader in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and Technology.

The new unit combines traditional business tracking information such as location, engine on/off, and speed violations, with automatic and on-demand real-time tire pressure alerts.  Additionally, the system can be configured to send text messages and e-mail alerts if the tire pressure reading between pre-set ranges are not met.

“The H1440 consists of a GPS tracker, an integrated cell phone, a built-in back-up battery re-charged by the vehicle alternator, a temperature probe, and an antenna.  To access their control station, clients are assigned a password protected log-in to Haas’ website,” said Jeff Haas, President of Haas GPS. “An electronic strip chart report is updated every ten minutes while the vehicle engine is on.  For user convenience, information remains available for 90 days and can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet.”

Further to tracking and tire monitoring, temperatures alerts alarm users when temperatures exceed a configurable, pre-set. The fleet manager can immediately receive alerts via e-mail or cell phone text message alerts.

“The immediate alerts provided by this integrated product not only allow a fleet to run more efficiently, it can help a fleet prevent major losses,” stated Vanessa Zaroor, Director of Marketing at PressurePro. “With this integration fleets can now not only track their vehicles and equipment, they can do so why actively monitoring their tire pressures offering increased fuel efficiency, decreased downtime, reduced maintenance, extended tire life, diminished emissions and much more.”

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AWTI & Advantage PressurePro Launch Integrated Safety Solution

Third Eye Mobile Vision & VIVID Technology all-in-one released, marking first integrated camera/TPMS solution.

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Harrisonville, MO USA and Houston, TX: September 1, 2009: Alliance Wireless Technologies, Inc. (AWTI) and Advantage PressurePro™ are proud to introduce to the market a safety solution that promises to clear a vehicle’s dash clutter while providing additional efficiencies. Combining AWTI’s VIVID™ “Virtual In-Vehicle Information Display” module and PressurePro’s integrated tire pressure monitoring solutions, the system will provide an all-in-one solution for safety and Mobile Vision™.

The two brands unite to provide a system with the following features:

–    In-vehicle tire pressure monitoring with individual tire pressure on-screen

–    On-board weight status

–    Immediate driver notification of low tire pressure and high temperature warnings at multiple interval levels

–    External malfunction indication lap (MIL) for driver and maintenance notifications

Darrick Reed, president of AWTI / Third Eye Mobile Vision™ recognizes the importance of being a “one stop shop” for all communications, including security and safety. “There is no better way to do so,” says Reed. “Than by creating a system that brings crucial telematics together. Teaming with PressurePro has allowed us to integrate a tire monitoring function that will accompany our Mobile Vision™ GPS surveillance and wireless communication.”

Creating what they have dubbed the “virtual cockpit for full vehicle information”, the integrated solution provides new levels of safety and savings for drivers and fleets. PressurePro’s President and CEO, Phillip Zaroor, agrees that the partnership creates better benefits for their customers. “PressurePro as a standalone product allows drivers significant benefits,” Zaroor said, “this integrated solution provides fleets with a product whose payback and benefits simply cannot be ignored.”

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