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PressurePro Featured on Cover of Fortune Small Business

PressurePro announces their feature in the upcoming November issue of Fortune Small Business Magazine. PressurePro was chosen by Fortune to be highlighted in the forthcoming issue for their ‘When Less Means More’ article as well as being featured on the cover.

The article, which hit newsstands this week, highlights four small companies who have ‘cracked the code’ for minimizing size while maximizing profits. PressurePro, known as a leader and pioneer in TPMS and TPMS technologies worldwide, has maintained a leading position and reputation with just 5 employees. Thanks to centrally located headquarters in Harrisonville, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, PressurePro has been able to successfully outsource manufacturing and design to partnering firm Lectronix, Inc., in Lansing, Michigan.  Partnerships formed with leading Telematics firms who understand the value of TPMS to safety and savings, have integrated PressurePro technology alongside their GPS, engine diagnostics, asset tracking and office management products to provide greater value.  With these strategic partners recognizing the savings and safety benefits of Tire Pressure Monitoring, PressurePro has been able to take advantage of their partners substantial sales force, entering new markets while maintaining a small business structure.

“I don’t know that we could have been approached for a more appropriate article,” stated PressurePro’s President and CEO, Phillip G. Zaroor. “We have deliberately worked to develop our business model in a way to take advantage of growth through strategic partnerships. As a result, we’ve been able to pursue exponential increases in revenue while maintaining a small, agile office that can maneuver to develop new idea and marketplaces very quickly and effectively.  The key to this model is having a staff of associates who understand our business model and are skilled in all aspects of our business.”

To view the article online, find it here:  Fortune Small Business, “When Less Means More” – November 2008


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PressurePro Announces Sales Partnership with and

Harrisonville, MO, USA: October 20, 2008 – Advantage PressurePro, LLC today announced that PressurePro’s Tire Pressure Monitoring product line is now available online at both and The PressurePro line, which will be sold directly from the websites, will be made available to all COSTCO members.

Costco Wholesale Corporation, which operates an international chain of membership warehouses carrying quality, brand name merchandise at lower prices than are typically found at retail stores, strives to help small-to-medium-sized businesses reduce costs in purchasing for resale and for everyday business use. Advantage PressurePro, owners and marketers of PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, who is known for continuing to be a pioneer and innovator in TPMS while maintaining a small business model, remains a leader in TPMS worldwide.

“We are very pleased to announce and as providers of the PressurePro line,” commented Mr. Phillip G. Zaroor, President and CEO of Advantage PressurePro, LLC. “TPMS continues to prove more and more vital for drivers of all types, with its ability to provide the information needed to increase fuel efficiency, extend tire life, add safety, cut downtime, drive green and much more. As the knowledge of these benefits continues to increase, so does the demand for PressurePro, and we are proud to help supply this growing demand alongside a company as proven and trusted as Costco.

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PressurePro joins the world of blogging.

Advantage PressurePro is officially making the leap into the world of blogging! We know how loyal our customers are in keeping up with the latest PressurePro news and happenings, so, we’ve obliged with a blog in the hopes of providing you with a one-stop-shop of PressurePro information.

In order to start off this one-stop-shop, let me give a bit of information on PressurePro for those of you joining us who are not yet PressurePro TPMS users.

PressurePro, one of the oldest and most experienced firms in TPMS, is the leading aftermarket tire pressure monitoring system worldwide thanks to a reputation built on reliability, durability, accuracy and ease of installation/maintenance.  PressurePro displays continuous, up-to-date tire pressure readings, and provides alerts to low and high pressures (2 low pressure alerts at 12.5% and 25% drops in pressure, and a variable high pressure alert). With up-to-date tire information and alerts to critical situations, PressurePro gives drivers and fleets the information needed to correct potentially hazardous situations before they become detrimental, as well as provide the benefits of added fuel efficiency, extended tire life, added safety, decreased downtime & maintenance, reduced carbon emissions and much more!

Traditionally, PressurePro Systems operated as stand alone units, giving alerts to drivers in-cab. With added RS232/J1708/J1939 capabilities PressurePro systems can now be tied to, integrated with or tethered into vehicle telematics systems to provide your tire pressure readings to a remote location such as a maintenance office, cell phone, or more. By partnering with several leaders in the telematics industry, PressurePro has been able to help provide several fully integrated vehicle management systems, complete with live TPMS.

Cost effective and proven to be more accurate that systems costing thousands of dollars more, PressurePro’s Return on Investment averages just under 8 months, PressurePro remains your answer to driving safe, driving smart and driving green!

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PressurePro Online

Visit PressurePro online for more in depth information, customer support and more! PressurePro Website


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