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PressurePro on the Strip?

Though PressurePro headquarters in Harrisonville, Missouri seem to be constantly buzzing with activity, the last couple of weeks has been especially jam packed. After announcing the launch of the new integrated VIVID product from Intuitive Circuits – which combines PressurePro’s market leading TPMS technology with that of Alliance Wireless’ advanced camera systems – Phil, Vanessa and Joe jetted off to Vegas to support the product and our partners at Waste Expo.

With many contacts made and new instpiration to help educate the Waste Market on the benefits that can be reaped from continuous tire pressure monitoring, PressurePro is expecting many exciting new happenings in this market.


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Advantage PressurePro Selected to Present at Senate’s Green Jobs Summit.

TPMS leader chosen to represent select group of US companies working to advance green economy industries.

Harrisonville, MO USA: June 15, 2009: Advantage PressureProTM LLC is proud to have been chosen by the United States Senate to be a representative of the Nation’s leading advancers of green economy at the Senate’s Green Jobs Leadership Summit. PressurePro, nominated by Senator Clarie McCaskill of Missouri, was designated thanks to their leadership in green technology development and innovation.

“We remain very proud of the fact that we are not only leaders in our marketplace, but that we are leaders in our marketplace while remaining an American Made product,” stated Phillip Zaroor, President and CEO of PressurePro. “Unlike any other manufacturer in our market, all of PressurePro’s development design and manufacturing is done right here in the USA, helping us maintain a stringent eye on our product’s quality control while also sustaining and supporting an American workforce.”

Seconding this sentiment is Vanessa Zaroor, PressurePro’s Director of Marketing.

“Our product provides so many dramatic benefits for customers, including reduced carbon emissions, lowered fuel use, decreased tire wear, added safety and more, it seems that sometimes the fact that we are a truly ‘All-American’ company gets overshadowed,” stated Ms. Zaroor. “The Senate’s Green Jobs Leadership Summit gives us a great platform to remind the industry that while PressurePro is ecstatic to remain the standard for innovation and performance in Tire Pressure Monitoring, we are just as thrilled to help support and grow jobs for fellow Americans – especially in our current economy.”

The Summit, set to take place June 17, 2009 at the Russell Senate Office Building, will highlight one company from each US state and will include company presentations, feature panel discussions and a keynote address from Vice President Joe Biden.

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PressurePro & Alliance Wireless Set to Premier Integrated Safety Solutions at WasteExpo

Leaders in TPMS and Camera Safety Solutions announce the world’s first Integrated TPMS/Advanced Video Safety System.

Harrisonville, MO and Houston, TX: June 4, 2009: Alliance Wireless Technologies Inc., the largest manufacturer of mobile rear vision camera systems and wireless communications products and Advantage PressureProTM, LLC, the leading manufacturer of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, have announced to the market the premier of their integrated Tire Pressure Monitoring/Advanced Video Safety System. Set to premier at WasteExpo 2009, this first-of-a-kind technology has been designed specifically for the rigorous needs of the waste and commercial industries.

Part of Alliance’s 3rd EyeTM MobileVisionTM line, the Vivid System will feature embedded PressurePro TPMS technology allowing instant viewing of tire pressure and temperature, GPS, on-board weight and more from one central, convenient, monitor.

“We realized our monitor had the potential to be a virtual cockpit for full vehicle information. We want to be a “one stop shop” for all communications, security, and safety, and there is no better way to do so than by creating a system that brings crucial telematics together. Teaming with PressurePro has allowed us to integrate a tire monitoring function that will accompany our Mobile Vision™ GPS, surveillance and wireless communication. We are pioneering this system with one goal in mind; to provide our customers with the latest money saving technology with an emphasis on risk management.” Darrick Reed, President of Alliance Wireless.

This integrated solution which will be showcased next week in AWTI’s WasteExpo exhibit, booth number 7105, provides new levels of safety and savings for drivers and fleets. “PressurePro as a standalone product allows drivers significant benefits through increased fuel efficiency, extended tire life, decreased downtime, enhanced performance, diminished emissions and more,” stated Phillip Zaroor, President and CEO of PressurePro. “Combined with the benefits reaped from Alliance’s advanced camera systems, GPS capabilities, surveillance, wireless communications, etc, this integrated solution provides companies in the waste and commercial industries with a product whose payback and benefits simply cannot be ignored.”

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A call for action from PressurePro customers…


Got the itch to be a Director or a Movie Star or just want to show off your newest grandbaby – we’ll help you! You’re ‘famous’ with us – now we’ll make you ‘famous’ WORLDWIDE!

Hello and our best to everyone from all of us at PressurePro!  I hope this letter finds you doing well, traveling safe and enjoying life.  Summer is almost upon us and we’re seeing and hearing from a lot of our wonderful customers who are traveling or planning to travel.  We are always tickled when you stop by our offices to introduce yourselves, always nice to put a face with a voice.  So as you begin your travels, we’re sending you our best for safe travels and enjoyable times.

If you haven’t been up on the NEW PressurePro website ( lately, you need to check it out.  You would be amazed at the large number of hits we get on our site from interested parties and customers (PressurePro is sold across North America and 22 countries around the world).  These include letters and testimonials from current owners of RV’s, trucks, autos, tractor/trailers, huge industrial equipment, buses, off road vehicles, specialty trailers and more, as well as from a lot of you that have become long time friends.  Our new website was designed by Bakersman Productions in Los Angeles, CA.  Bakersman is an amazing company involved with Technology, Productions, Entertainment, Image Reproductions and more and has build websites for some of the largest and most well known film studios in Hollywood and is one of the premier technology companies in the country.  I’m proud to call the President of Bakersman, Mr. Paul Kartsonis, and his family, long time friends.  During their recent visit to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, Paul and his most capable posse of David and Rachael (talent and beauty combined) gave us time to film Installation Videos for our product line.  You’ll see them on our site soon!

In addition to the installation videos, we’d like to add another feature to our website…… one that involves YOU!  We want to feature our customers as the STARS of our website.  We receive so many testimonials about PressurePro that we don’t want to just let them sit in our files.  We’re most appreciative of you taking the time to write your thoughts and thanks about our product, and we want to show these testimonials and YOU, off to the world.   We’re inviting all our customers to take video testimonials of their experiences traveling with PressurePro and send them to us.  This is your chance to show off, talk about yourself, about your rig, about your travels and of course, about PressurePro. We’ll then use your video on our site for the world to see.  Look pretty (or handsome), ham it up, be funny, wear that favorite old hat or shirt, be formal or relaxed… only rules we are providing are these….  1. Clothing is required (we know, we know, but it is a family site folks! J) 2. Please make your tapes no longer than 2 minutes.

Further, we would also like to add fun photos of you, your rig and your PressurePro to include on our site. A bit like a ‘Flat Stanley’ project, we want to see you with your PressurePro monitor during your travels. Are you touring Pike’s Peak this summer or just heading to your favorite fishing hole? Visiting the Eiffel Tower, staying in a hut in Fiji or stopping at the Capitol? Wherever and whatever you are doing, take your PressurePro and get a shot. It can be as simple as your hand holding the monitor in front of the destination or point of interest, or as involved as an entire family photo with your PressurePro nestled in the middle.

Here are some of our examples shot around the office last night.

Now, let’s see what you can do. Get that camera or video recorder and let’s see what you’ve got! HAPPY FILMING AND SHOOTING!!!!

As always, safe travels,


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