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PressurePro & QA Technologies Announce Web-Based GPS/TPMS System

Leaders in Tire Pressure Monitoring & Fleet Management Reporting partner to create a Web-Based Vehicle Monitoring & TPMS solution.

Harrisonville, MO USA and Saskatoon, SK Canada: January 26, 2010 – Advantage PressurePro, worldwide leaders in Tire Pressure Monitoring and TPMS Technologies, is pleased to announce today a new partnership with QA Technologies, leaders in Web-based Fleet Management, set to bring exciting new advances in TPMS and Telematics integration. Combining forces and specialties, QAT has begun integrating PressurePro’s state of the art Tire Pressure Monitoring to their AccutrAVL product.

“Many of our customers have inquired about PressurePro’s capability to work alongside web-based fleet management solutions, which would allow users to combine Tire Pressure Monitoring alerts with vehicle monitoring  and other capabilities without the need to purchase software,” stated Vanessa Zaroor, PressurePro’s Director of Marketing. “With QAT’s AccutrAVL solution, customers will now be able to simply log in online and instantly see where your vehicles are, how fast they are moving, how each of your tires are performing and more, all at real time.”

AccutrAVL is a powerful fleet management tool that allows you to effectively manage and locate your vehicles in real time.  It provides fleet owners with detailed downloadable reports designed to show where a fleet’s expenses are being allocated.  The data provided gives fleet’s knowledge about their vehicle utilization, efficiency, fuel usage, unauthorized after hour’s vehicle usage and time spent on job sites, among others.  Fleets have been proven to see a return on their bottom line within two months of running the system.

“As we strive to provide flexible fleet management solutions for both major enterprises and the millions of independent truck drivers, we are excited to work with PressurePro to leverage their TPMS technology” stated Brock Eidem, QA Technologies CEO. “The integration with PressurePro will provide increased cost savings to fleets by allowing them to remotely monitor the tire pressures of all their vehicles, helping reduce overall tire costs.”


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PressurePro and RM Michaelides Partner, Creating Integrated Telematics System

PressurePro and RM Michaelides join forces to create market’s first CAN-Bus/TPMS System

Harrisonville, MO USA and Fulda, Germany: January 15, 2010 – Advantage PressurePro, leaders in Tire Pressure Monitoring Technology, are proud to announce to the market another ‘first’ in TPMS advancement. Led by partners RM Michaelides, worldwide leaders in CAN Technology, PressurePro has developed the first Can-Bus Telematics system, complete with PressurePro’s real time tire pressure monitoring capabilities.

Offering a variety of displays ranging from a 2” round, in-dash display, to a 6.5” full color display showing complete vehicle functions, RM Michaelides is a premier provider of a wide variety of top-of-the-line viewables which communicate information compiled by their PROEMION Telematics platform. Already providing full vehicle information including vehicle tracking, diagnostics, GPS and more, the integration of PressurePro’s TPMS Technology now allows the PROEMION platform to present complete tire pressure and temperature information needed to add safety and savings.

“It’s not often that two technology leaders come together to provide a product that can profoundly affect a market,” stated Phil Zaroor, President and CEO of Advantage PressurePro. “In a time when efficiency, savings, safety and environmental concerns are paramount, PressurePro and RM Michaelides have formed an advantageous partnership to provide a product that leads the worldwide market and provides a way to add efficiency and save money, for fleets of all types.  We are proud to partner with a technology leader like RM Michaelides and we look forward to strong growth in our partnership providing products that affect the environment and our customers’ the bottom line.”

“With PressurePro we have found an experienced and innovative partner for realizing an important module of our telematics solutions”, said Robert Michaelides, Managing Director and CEO of RM Michaelides. “It gives us great pleasure that our concerted innovation has already taken shape and is successfully being deployed in a pilot project headed in Germany. With the CAN bus TPMS, PressurePro and RM offer leading tire pressure monitoring technology for literally everyone, from manufacturers to end buyers and for any vehicle you can imagine… provided it has tires.”

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Picture-Perfectless Truth of Tire Care

Have you checked your tires lately?

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While some major tyre industry names produce calendars that elicit furtive glances and even the occasional ‘phwoar’ from enthusiastic admirers, the Kwik-Fit annual calendar may take your breath away for another reason entirely. Kwik-Fit’s Tyre Wall of Shame 2010 features twelve images intended to shock – photos of tyres in outrageous condition, including some with almost no tread left, sidewall ruptures through under inflation, and even one worn right down to the steel core. And while Pirelli’s calendar efforts involved weeks of shooting in Brazil, all the ‘models’ featured in Kwik-Fit’s 2010 edition were removed from customer’s cars on a single day in December 2009.

Scarier still, this was an average day Kwik-Fit says it replaces tyres in similar  conditions every day of the year.

PressurePro checks your tire pressures 12,340 times a day,bringing you peace-of-mind, increased tire life, improved fuel efficiency, added safety, enhanced performance and much more.

Drive Smart. Drive Safe. Drive Green. PressurePro.

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