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PressurePro, Safety Vision & Rice Lake Announce “All-In-One” Monitoring Unit

Leaders in GPS, TPMS and Weighing announce to the market an integrated solution to transform fleet ROI

Harrisonville, MO and Houston, TX: June 18, 2010 – Safety Vision, a leading provider of mobile video solutions, and Advantage PressurePro, leading provider of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)– alongside Rice Lake Weighing Systems, an international leader in vehicle weighing systems – are pleased to announce to the market an integrated solution set to transform fleet operations. The all-in-one solution, which integrates global positioning system (GPS), TPMS and weighing features, is set to create a powerful return on investment (ROI) for fleets through fuel savings, extended tire life, reduced downtime, improved performance and more.

In the commercial trucking business, three issues need to be constantly monitored by the fleet owner to ensure the strength of their bottom-line. These include:

  • Location information – Critical for managing equipment, speeds, efficiencies, etc.
  • Tire pressure – Critical for maintaining safety, fuel efficiency, tire life, delivery times etc.
  • Load weight – Critical for maintaining legal limits and for monitoring axle weight and tire wear

If one of more of these factors are out of control, they can have a significantly negative impact on a fleet’s business results. With the goal of providing a “one stop shop” solution for all three of these issues, Safety Vision – already a leader in mobile video surveillance solutions featuring GPS – set out to team with the most trusted names in the other two technologies: TPMS and vehicle weighing.

“We think this combination of fleet monitoring technologies is the most powerful ROI combination for the commercial fleet owner,” stated Terry Leiby, Director of Marketing for SafetyTrax by Safety Vision. “By teaming with Rice Lake and PressurePro, we are able to provide trouble alerts from both the Rice Lake weight measuring unit and the PressurePro TPMS unit by routing them through the SafetyTrax GPS location modem. Using an “all satellite” or cellular-only technology that reads to the fleet owner’s protected web based control station on the Safety Vision website, the truck I.D., speed, location and direction will be shown on street level maps alongside any TPMS or weight alerts, anywhere in the US.”

“This integrated solution provides fleets with very key and critical capabilities,” stated Phillip Zaroor, President and CEO of PressurePro. “This joining of product allows fleets to address low or high tire pressure situations, poor driver habits and weight issues in real time from a corporate level. To provide fleets with the information and tools they need to address these issues before they result in inefficiencies or fines is huge, as it adds up to significant savings.”


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