Where have we been?!?!

May 6, 2009 at 9:11 pm Leave a comment

It’s been quite some time since we have posted an update, and for that we apologize. However, I think that I might be able to come up with a good excuse or two for PressurePro’s lack of available posting time. The first of these being that PressurePro is busier than ever!

Many new and exciting things are underway in the transportation market. The release of our Drop-and-Hook Systems late last year have received tremendous reception, especially when paired with our remote monitoring options which allow fleets to monitor their tire pressures from a home base (such as a maintenance office, etc).

Additionally, with the resurgence of the government’s focus on environmental concerns, including green transportation, PressurePro and TPMS have once again captured the market’s full attention. Providing the information needed to increase fuel efficiency, extend tire life, and reduce emissions, TPMS is an immediate solution for drivers to add more than just a bit of ‘green’ to their travels. In fact, the Department of Transportation Reports that 57.5 BILLION POUNDS of Carbon Emissions are released into the atmosphere each year due to tires running on low pressure. Additionally, the DOT reports that over 2 BILLION GALLONS of fuel are wasted each in the US alone, due to low tire pressures. (Yikes!) PressurePro helps drivers and fleets alike combat these wastes by checking your tire pressures 12,340 times a day!

Finally, we’ve been tied up in house hosting our first annual PressurePro Distributor Meeting. We welcomed into our doors several of our domestic and international distributors for training, conversation and more, all to help you – our customers – have better resources for customer service, customer support and more.

As I leave you with a parting image from our Distributor Meeting, I want to also take a moment to wish all of PressurePro’s customers a “Happy Spring”, from all of us at PressurePro.

2009 distributor meeting

2009 distributor meeting


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