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Recently, PressureProTM was asked by Glen Sokolis of the Sokolis Group, to sit down and answer some questions about the PressurePro products, the benefits PressurePro provides for users and more. As Glen hit on some great topics much related to questions we frequently field here at headquarters, we wanted to post our Question and Answer session here on or blog. Watch for the release of this session to hit online through the Sokolis Group newsletter early next week as well!

Q: The importance of maintaining proper tire pressure has been a hot issue for several years, in the 90’s with the Ford Escape blowouts and most recently with the Obama campaign. Can you explain to us exactly why sustaining proper tire pressure is so important?

A. Keeping your tire pressures at their proper pressure is very important for several reasons. The most pertinent of these reasons is for safety. Under inflated tires are the #1 cause of tire failure and blowouts, result in over 40,000 accidents each year . Tires low on pressure have decreased performance, braking and handling. As well as safety, maintaining proper tire pressures is important for several more reasons. Fuel savings is important to all drivers and tires low on pressure require more fuel to overcome the rolling resistance of low tires. The DOT states that under-inflated tires waste over 2 BILLION gallons of fuel each year in the US alone, and decrease a vehicle’s average MPG rating by as much as 3.3%. Tires low on pressure break down the casing allowing tires to disintegration and blow out as well as allowing a heat buildup which can cause ply separation and sidewall breakdowns and failures. Low tire pressure shortens tire life (more tire replacements) and is the cause of increased tire maintenance and downtime for vehicles, adding up to costly repairs and lost time. Finally, under inflated tires are a main contributor to Carbon pollutants, releasing over 57.5 BILLION pounds of unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere each year. From safety to your pocketbook, tire pressure is a critical part of your travels.

Q: How does a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) help drivers maintain proper pressure?

A. The DOT states that 63% of all vehicles have at least one tire low on pressure. Why, because checking tire pressures is dirty, time and time consuming. Ask any driver the last time they checked pressures and most can’t tell you or its been some time and the reasons are plentiful – it’s to hot, to cold, I’m running late, I have to get the kids to school, my husband does it, its raining, its snowing, the tire is filthy, it looks ok, I just kicked it and it sounds fine. There are hundreds of excuses but it all comes down to one thing, it’s a pain in the neck to check tires, despite the fact its unsafe and costly to run on tires low on pressure. PressurePro makes checking tire pressure easy – simply push a button and read the pressure on the monitor. When tires drop pressure by 12.5% and again at 25%, an automatic alert is sounded and the low tire position is show along with a read out of the low tire pressure. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems by definition are electronic systems designed to monitor the air pressure inside of any pneumatic tire. PressurePro has been designed to take the ‘guess work’ out of tire pressure maintenance for drivers, alerting to low tire (and high) pressure situations that are so problematic.

Q: How does PressurePro TPM Systems and PressurePro TPMS technology different from other companies and products that provide TPMS products?

A. PressurePro is a worldwide leader in Tire Pressure Monitoring with over 18 years of experience and dedication to providing and advancing world-class TPMS technology. PressurePro is known for its durability, reliability and accuracy as well as its ease of installation and simplicity of use. PressurePro provides monitoring for drivers of all types of vehicles from OTR trucks to personal vehicles. With RS232, J1708 and J1939 capabilities standard on every PressurePro product, we provide numerous advanced options from remote monitoring to complete integration with leading telematics providers. Partnering with some of the worlds leading companies such as GE, Microchip and Lectronix, PressurePro continues to be a leader in the advancement of TPMS technology. What’s more, PressurePro is proud to be the only TPMS product designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

Q: In such a tight economy, especially for the transportation industry, how can drivers (from individuals to fleets) justify an investment in PressurePro TPMS?

A. PressurePro is exactly the tool needed by fleets and others in these challenging economic times. With an average Return on Investment of 8 to 10 months, PressurePro TPMS provides greater efficiencies and significant savings with improved fuel efficiency, extended tire life, decreased maintenance costs, reduced vehicle downtime and for many more years after the original purchase. Additionally, PressurePro provide fleets with new opportunities to capitalize on new “green” initiatives (such as Carbon Trading) as well as potential insurance savings. Recently programs have been put in place to assist companies in outfitting their fleets with new or ‘greening’ equipment from tax breaks to grants. Cautious fleet owners and owner operators alike are seeking ways to cut costs and be more efficient. Simply put, in tight times like these, PressurePro can provide greater safety and savings, benefits all fleets and drivers are looking for.

Q: What types of vehicles benefit from running TPMS?

A. All vehicles running pneumatic tires. From tractor/trailer fleets, Construction and Heavy Duty Equipment, delivery vans, emergency vehicles, SUV’s, auto’s and motorcycles, TPMS is critical and a key to adding safety and savings. PressurePro is the only TPMS provider that allows tractor/trailers to “Drop & Hook” automatically allowing any tractor to pull any trailer. PressurePro is worldwide in numerous ways, including use on testing NASCAR and other racing vehicles around the world, providing efficiencies for mining and off road equipment, adding greater safety for motorcycles and keeping tires monitored on all types of vehicles in the most challenging of environments. PressurePro saves money and adds greater safety for all types of vehicles.

Q: Why PressurePro over other types of TPMS products?

A. PressurePro checks tire pressure more often than any competitor. PressurePro alerts at 12.5% low pressure, the most efficient on the market assisting in keeping your casings in good shape. PressurePro reports new pressure updates every 5 minutes, twice as often as any other product. Only PressurePro is constantly monitoring tires to provide constant pressure reading availability. PressurePro is the recipient of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award for Best Practices, the only TPMS product to win this coveted award. PressurePro has 18 years of experience behind it and a service staff that understands how to take care of our distributors and customers. PressurePro is simple and quick to install and doesn’t require professional installation. PressurePro is the ONLY TPMS product that has been designed and is manufactured in the U.S.A,

Q: Who is using PressurePro?

A. PressurePro is the leader in TPMS technology and the largest provider of tire pressure monitoring systems to the aftermarket worldwide. PressurePro is also sold by a number of new vehicle dealers, from RV to truck to auto, PressurePro is the preferred TPMS product, worldwide.


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