PressurePro and Portman Security Systems Partner for Integrated Tracking System

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PressurePro and Portman integrate technologies to provide full telematics package.

Harrisonville, MO USA: December 15, 2008 – Advantage PressurePro is pleased to announce their partnership with Portman Securities and the integration of PressurePro’s market leading Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems with Portman Securities tracking devices.  This partnership allows Portman and PressurePro to offer users a fully integrated telematics package complete with GPS Tracking, Personnel Tracking, Driving Behavior Reports, Cargo Temperature and Door Monitoring, Route Optimization, Work Order Fulfillment, Scheduled Maintenance, Tire Pressure Monitoring and more.  Utilizing GPRS and GSM/SMS Messaging, the integrated systems allow users, from fleets to individuals, to monitor and track all types of vehicles from tractor/trailers, heavy equipment, trucks, auto’s RV’s, trailers, boats, generators, people and containers.  Portman Securities is the largest manufacturer of GPS/GPRS/SMS Tracking Systems worldwide.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Portman,” stated Phillip G. Zaroor, President and CEO of PressurePro. “By working together, we are able to bring TPMS to Portman’s already outstanding product, providing a truly complete management solution that provides a long list of benefits with a very short return on investment.”  Included in the long list of benefits are increased fuel efficiency, extended tire life, reduced carbon emissions, diminished maintenance costs, decreased vehicle downtime, improved vehicle stability, handling and braking efficiencies, amplified vehicle security, greater driver accountability, superior delivery reliability, and greater safety.

Portman Security System is honored to have PressurePro share their superior Tire Pressure Sensing Technology.  This Tire Pressure Sensing Technology has allowed Portman Security System to further enhance their TLU – 200ST Trailer Tracking System to now include Tire Pressure Sensor Information, as well as Temperature and Door Sensor information with the data that the TLU – ST Trailer Tracking System Provides.  The TLU – 200ST Trailer Tracking System is a Solar Powered GPS/GPRS/SMS that is all inclusive.  All components and antennas are inside the Tracker which allows for easy mounting on the top of a Trailer.  The device is able to send data for up to thirty days without sun light.  Such conditions could be caused by snow cover or the trailer being parked under an awning.  The TLU – 200ST Trailer Tracking System provides location, time, device id, speed, motion, bearing, along with temperature, door, and tire pressure information.  All external sensor communication, including a key pad for the truck cab to identify itself and send duty on/off information, to the TLU – 200ST Trailer Tracking System is wireless.

About Portman Security Systems Co., LTD.: Portman Security Systems Co., LTD is the largest manufacturer of GPS/GPRS/SMS Vehicle Tracking Systems in the world.  Portman Security System makes Tracking Systems for vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, heavy equipment, cargo containers, people and pets.  Portman Security System is also a leading manufacturer of car alarms, home and business security systems, speakers, and more. Established in 1983, the Portman Group has delivered superior products to 63 countries worldwide for over two decades. Please visit   For additional information about the TLU – 200ST Trailer Tracking System, and other GPS/GPRS/SMS Systems from Portman Security Systems, please contact Raymond R. R. Radoski, Senior International Sales Manager at:  781 – 935 – 9288  Ext. 204 or email at:  RaymondR@PortmanSecurity.Com

About Advantage PressurePro, LLC.: Advantage PressurePro, LLC. is the developer and marketer of the PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System, one of the leading aftermarket TPMS systems in the world. Involved in the TPMS industry since 1991, Advantage PressurePro has been a leader in the development and evolution of this market and technology, and remains dedicated to adding to the safety and savings of the transportation industry. For additional information, visit To request information contact Vanessa Zaroor, Director of Marketing, at (816)887-3505, email:


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